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Orange Digital Media Index Shows Boom In Mobile Data

Orange has released the latest in their Digital Media Index series of consumer usage reports.

The study shows that despite the bad overall economic climate, consumers are rapidly increasing their consumption of mobile data, including music downloads, video downloads, mobile social networking, and mobile gaming.

And mobile data using dongles increased a phenomenal 4,125% in the past 12 months! (available for download)

Overall, this index provides a great snapshot of the Orange subscriber base and their mobile media usage habits. Three areas of special interest are social networking, entertainment, and the Orange World portal.

Social Networks

According to the index, the popularity of social networking sites is soaring:

  • a 129% increase in monthly page impressions
  • a 48% increase in monthly unique users
  • a 53% increase in the average number of pages per user, per month


Orange saw a huge upsurge across all entertainment services throughout the period:

  • Music downloads surge with 38% increase
  • Video downloading grows with an increase of 38%
  • Mobile gaming rises with an increase of 8% in the number of games downloaded

Orange World (the portal)

Orange has also had rapid growth of their Orange World portal since the previous report 3 months ago:

  • 3.25m monthly users – an increase of 26% since the previous report
  • 176m page impressions per month – increase of 63% since the previous report

Paul Jevons, Director of Products, Portals and Services for Orange, said: “The Orange Digital Media Index shows that the ‘mobile data era’ has truly arrived. Customers are repeatedly enjoying the intuitive and seamless mobile internet experience to access a greater quantity and quality of content that is designed specifically for the mobile portal – whether that’s music, videos or games – helping to drive consumer traffic.”

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