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Is The Economic Slowdown Hitting UK Mobile Advertising?

graph_down.gifMarket research firm GfK has released its latest quarterly “Mobile Advertising Report“, which shows that awareness of mobile ads in the UK has dropped since the last quarter.

However, awareness continues to grow in the US, as does the breadth of mobile advertising channels.

In the UK, the awareness of mobile advertising dropped 7 percentage points from Q1 to Q2, from 55% to 48%. However, the longer term trend is still good, with a net increase of 5 points since the Q4 report.


Colin Strong, Deputy MD of GfK Technology, comments “We are still seeing an impressive level of recall for mobile advertising, indicating that it is a healthy advertising channel that’s here to say. However, it’s inevitable that the current economic conditions will have taken their toll.”

Another interesting result is the spread of ads that people remember seeing. Six types of ads were most frequently mentioned – mobile operators, mobile devices, gambling, adult, dating, and music – with all but one category showing significant growth from last quarter.


In the US, perhaps the most interesting finding was the rapid proliferation of mobile ad formats being widely used. Although SMS and web banners are still the most popular, the report shows that 20% of smartphone users saw ads in social networks, 15% saw ads in mobile TV/video, and 15% remember seeing ads in some sort of location based service (up 3x in just 3 months). These numbers show that alternative formats beyond SMS and banners are rapidly gaining acceptance and growing.

This quarterly report is produced by GfK Technology and Brightkite, based on a survey of over 1,000 representative adults in each of the UK and US. To get the download link for the US Mobile Advertising Report, please enter your email address here:

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