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Nintendo Wii Brings Ads To Family Entertainment, Japanese Style

wii_ads.jpgDavid Rosenberg has written an interesting article over on CNET news.

He describes how the new Wii-no-ma service that Nintendo has launched in Japan is being used to promote a combination of gaming, family social networking, and advertising.

Apparently, over 85% of Wii users in Japan use the device on their largest screen in the house, which is usually a television in the living room. The Wii-no-ma service is an attempt to capitalize on this.

Dave comments, “Nintendo believes that new forms of advertising–especially those encouraging togetherness in viewing ads and watching videos on the Wii–are bound to make money… I realized that Nintendo may have figured out how to become the entertainment consolidator that so many other companies have been gunning for.”

The advertising in this model really sounds quite unique. After the players have watched various content, they can go – virtually – over to a Company Room. There they can interact with brands.

Dave explained, “Companies can communicate with the customers in many ways including videos, questionnaires, exclusive coupons, or free samples. If a user chooses to engage with an ad, the advertiser can further communicate and develop a relationship with the users.”

This may not be a form of advertising that we would all enjoy yet, but many new trends have come out of the Japanese market in the past. So take a minute to read about this new development that brings together gaming, families, social networks, and advertising.

You can read the full article here on CNET news.

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