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Mobile Ad Study: An In-Depth Look At The UK Market

iphone_uk.gifLast week at the Mobile Advertising UK Conference, a new study was presented that took an in-depth look at the progress mobile advertising is making in the UK market.

As well as looking at overall spend and comparison among media channels, the study examined consumer attitudes towards mobile marketing and found that 70% of UK consumers would give permission for mobile ads if they were in control and received some sort of incentive!

The study was a collaborative effort between Aeneas Strategy, Wasabi Mobile Marketing, Camerjam, MSEARCH Groove, and Every Single One Of Us, although several other key partners participated. The full report will be for sale later this summer, but there is a very interesting summary available online (see below).

Here are a couple of the points that I thought most interesting:

  • Ad Spend among various marketing channels is not at all proportional to time spent by consumers

I think many people suspected this, but the facts are staggering as shown by the chart below. Advertising spend in print (newspapers plus magazines) is much higher, whereas mobile is very ‘under-weighted’.


  • Consumers do not view mobile advertising as “trustworthy” yet.

Less than half the people questioned feel that mobile advertising can be considered trustworthy.

  • Consumers are willing to share some personal information, but not all.

For many categories of information, such as Gender, Interests, Music, or Hobbies, most consumers are willing to share, particularly to get more relevant messages. They are a significantly less willing to share their location, and much less willing to share information about their income.

It is also very interesting that for most types of information, the 16 to 24 year group is the most willing to share, but for location and income, they are the least likely to share.


To view the complete presentation about this study that was given at the Mobile Advertising UK conference, go here, I know you’ll find it worth looking at.

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