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Founded to meet the new technical and operational challenges of the communications industry when the U.S. government mandated local number portability in 1996, NeuStar Inc. (NYSE:NSR) creates customer-responsive technologies that deliver a broad range of essential clearinghouse capabilities for service providers.

NeuStar’s clearinghouse enables delivery of traditional services more efficiently and deployment of new services more rapidly than ever before. NeuStar is an essential component of the operations of service providers globally. No matter what segment of communications, NeuStar helps companies reduce costs, speed up time to market for new services and grow businesses. The company’s clearinghouse services enable customers to manage critical activities such as record exchanges, subscriber growth, network optimization, content management, and inter-network call origination and termination.

The company has also designed our automated solutions to evolve in response to the rigors of tomorrow’s communications services – including VoIP, wireless data, and law enforcement compliance.

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