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UpCode (UK)

UpCode™ is a highly developed Mobile Access & Interaction technology that turns mobile phones into intelligent optical readers (or ‘scanners’) able to read codes – simply by ‘pointing’ at them with a mobile, or devices that use laser reading technology as a dichroic mirror that is also use in communication technology like optical fiber. In everyday life 2d and 1d barcodes can be on any object or surface, or sent to mobile phones.

These new mobile technologies can improve efficiencies or profitability in businesses or in media, and can ensure measurable results.

Media Solutions: b2c and 1 to 1 targeted marketing for media, print (any printed surface or on-screen), brands and agencies. With access and interaction, anywhere in the world, in any language, 24/7/365. Including; crm, consumer analytics, mobile payment, mobile tickets, mobile barcodes and mobile coupons (on phone or printed), links to audio & video clips or 3dimensional advertising. A world of possibilities to communicate and interact with consumers.

Cross-Media campaigns can also be used in harmony with, or independently from…

Business Solutions: e.govt., control systems, authentication, packaging, brand protection & management, logistics, track & trace, anti-counterfeit or smuggling, supply chain management, crm, id & passports, transport & ticketing, parking, disability, tourism, e.learning.

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