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New Study Shows Brand Awareness Greatly Impacted By “In-Call Media”

in_call_mouth.jpgCampaign measurement firm Dynamic Logic has released the results of a new study to explore the impact In-Call Media, the insertion of audio ads directly into the call stream of a targeted consumer.

The study shows that both brand awareness and purchase intent can greatly increased through in-call advertising, with brand awareness rising almost 12% for some groups.

The study was run using the advertising platform from Disney-backed VoodooVox. Their In-Call Advertising Network serves over 100 million in-call ads a month across dozens of call sources, working with brands like Bank of America, Burger King, ABC TV, FOX and Western Union.

The study campaign was targeted to mobile phone users and ran throughout the month of December 2008, delivering 900,000 audio ad impressions during this time.

According to the press release, for this study “callers who were on hold for a popular toll-free movie ticket line heard a variety of 10-second messages about redbox (a DVD retailer) in an effort to build awareness and encourage trial of their movie kiosks. Interested callers could engage further to hear more or get a text message coupon.”

Selected callers were then surveyed to determine the overall impact on respondents who heard the redbox advertising.

Some of the key findings from the study include:

  • Exposure to the redbox messages increased Aided Brand Awareness by over 9 percentage points among overall respondents — a significant increase for the brand and higher than typically seen with Dynamic Logic’s mobile display norms. Among “Frequent DVD Renters,” Aided Brand Awareness increased 11.9%.
  • Among respondents whom occasionally rent DVDs, the campaign increased those saying they were very likely to rent from a redbox kiosk by almost 11 percentage points, to 10.7%.
  • Awareness of the redbox brand significantly increased after just one exposure to the advertising, whereas for a normal online campaign it takes 10 times that exposure for a similar increase to occur.

Read the full press release.

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