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Whitepaper: “Snacking” The Mobile Web

snacking_web.gifWe all know that the internet experience is different on a mobile than on a desktop PC. But whereas most people focus solely on the size of the screen, in fact the differences are much more profound.

In this white paper, Pierre Scokaert, CEO and founder of mobile entertainment search company abphone explores how the mobile is in fact a snacking device, where content must be delivered and consumed in minutes or seconds, and the important implications this has for brands, content creators, and mobile search engines.

Abphone has an interesting business, it has built a search engine and service focused solely on entertainment content – images, wallpapers, videos and games (see MobiAD article Strong Growth For Entertainment Focused Search Service).

As such, founder Pierre Scokaert has spent a lot of time studying how people use the mobile web.

In this white paper, Pierre explains how the mobile web is a new medium, separate and different from the fixed web, offering a specific set of challenges and opportunities. He talks about “the five minute web” experience versus the “casual web” experience, and then looks at the implications for mobile sites, including use of transcoding vs. mobile specific sites, presentation of information, social-search, and click analysis.

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