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NBC Universal Invests In Mobile Advertising Leader

money_pile150.jpgMobile advertising company Greystripe has announced that it has secured a further $2 million in funding from NBC Universal’s Peacock Equity Fund. This brings Greystripe’s round C investment to $7.5 million, following a $5.5 million investment from Disney’s Steamboat Ventures, Incubic Venture Capital, and Monitor Ventures.

Greystripe says that the funds will be used to further their advances in mobile rich media advertising formats.

NBC has worked with Greystripe over the past 18 months as a publisher and advertiser, so they have first-hand experience into the Greystripe proposition.

For example, Universal Pictures was the first advertiser for a new Greystripe iPhone ad format that could use the accelerometer to sense acceleration and tilt. The campaign for the film “Perfect Getaway” performed very well, with 8% of those who viewed the entire ad clicking through to the trailer.

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