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Brand: Harrods
Application: Harrods
Platform: iOS

Campaign Objective:
The objective of this app is to give an easier, more pleasant consumer experience for shoppers who are shopping or going to shop at Harrods.

The application includes a map of the store, which uses the iPhone’s GPS function, in order to locate you within the store and direct you to restaurants retailers and departments (for those of you who have shopped at Harrods, you will know that this is a huge help!). It also acts as an information point, integrating with Harrods Twitter feed in order to bring news, upcoming events, and must have items onto consumer’s devices.

The app also includes a History of Harrods, an audio tour of the building, shopping list functionality, telephone numbers to contact individual departments, rewards and more.

MobiAD Comments:
The key question about this app is will the GPS functionality be precise enough to work in such a confined area? If so then this functionality alone ads value to the consumer experience of shopping in Harrods.




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