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Verizon Brings Teen Public Service Campaign To “Three-Screens”

thatsnotcool.gifDue to the rapid spread of new communication technologies, today’s teenagers are facing unique challenges in determining what’s acceptable in personal relationships and what’s not.

Verizon has linked up with the Ad Council to bring a public service campaign to teens in the US. The campaign is called “That’s Not Cool”, and is aimed a helping teens recognize and deal with “digital dating abuse”.

The Ad Council partnered with the Family Violence Prevention Fund, the Office on Violence Against Women, and digital agency R/GA to create the program.

thatsnotcook_iphone.jpgThe campaign and web site,, is designed to help teens recognize digital dating abuse and empower them to initiate a conversation about it. The ads highlight various potential problems, such as “textual harassment”, constant messaging, pressure for private photos, and spreading of rumors on line.

It encourage teenagers to set their own boundaries by “drawing a digital line”, and is designed to appeal to all teenagers, not only those who are currently facing this type of problem.

The campaign also provides some tools for teens to deal with these problems, such as “Callout Cards”. These each have very pointed message which can be sent to someone who is making a teen feel uncomfortable.


According to a study commissioned by the clothing company Liz Claiborne one-quarter of teenagers in relationships say they have been called names or harassed by their partner through cellphones and text messages.

“There was this whole world going on that parents didn’t know about that was emerging through how kids used these digital tools,” said Nick Law, the chief creative officer, North America, of R/GA. “It was abuse that there was no protocol around.”

While the campaign has been running for a number of months, the collaboration with Verizon signifies the first time a media partner has embraced an Ad Council campaign across all three outlets to ensure synergy and maximize impact.

“These important PSAs (public service announcements) leverage the various Verizon services to bring maximum impact,” said John Harrobin, senior vice president of digital media and marketing at Verizon. “We’re extending the reach of this important work to the online and wireless communities, and we look forward to learning from this so we can continue to bring effective, multi-faceted public service campaigns to our customers.”

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