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Microsoft Launches Mobile Behavioral Targeting

microsoft_logo_round.gifMicrosoft has announced the launch of their Mobile Behavioral Targeting Solution.

This means that the various behavioral targeting options that have previously been available only online are now available for Microsoft’s mobile display ad inventory as well, and should enable advertisers to reduce advertising waste and increase campaign ROI.

So what is behavioral targeting? From the Microsoft website: “mobile behavioral targeting enables advertisers to reduce advertising waste and maximize the impact and ROI of their mobile campaigns by targeting consumers who have already demonstrated an interest in specific product categories.”

Microsoft accomplishes this by anonymously tracking users, and then classifying them into interest categories. Currently Microsoft has over 100 interest categories that can be purchased by advertisers.

The data that Microsoft collects comes from several sources, presumably the more information Microsoft can collect on a person, the better they understand their interests. The data sources that Microsoft lists for their behavioral targeting solution include keyword search behavior from Microsoft’s Bing search engine, a record of website visits across Microsoft’s network, Hotmail newsletters, Xbox subscriptions, and Windows Live profile data.

Data from all these sources is combined to understand a consumers interests, so that they can be placed in the most relevant interest categories. Then when an advertiser wants to target consumers with a particular area of interest, their ads will only be served to those people that should be most receptive to the message.

Some people consider this type of personal information gathering and processing to be an invasion of privacy. Microsoft states that they collect this data anonymously, and do not include any personally identifiable information such as name, address, or phone number.

For more information, see the Microsoft Mobile Advertising blog.

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