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Mobile Apps Reach Key 13-24 Year Old Consumer Segment

getjar.jpgResearch from GetJar, a major independent mobile apps store, indicates that two thirds of downloaders are in the 13 to 24 year old demographic group that is so highly sought after by marketers.

Further, one in three of users downloads at a rate of one new app per day!

In August 2009 GetJar surveyed over 13,000 users worldwide to develop a more detailed look at the the marketing impact of mobile apps.

A quick snapshot of the GetJar respondents:

• 65 per cent were in the 18-34 year old category,

• 81 per cent of respondents were male,

• 61% of consumers we’re downloading content at least 3-4 times a week, and

• 72% of consumers claimed that they are now using mobile Internet more than PC-based Internet.

getjar_pie.jpgIn terms of the types of content downloaded, 57 per cent of users downloaded mobile applications/software. The apps downloaded on GetJar span the range of some 1,600 handsets, not only high-end smartphones such as iPhone or Android.

The strong acceptance of applications across this range of devices is evidence of a very real interest from a much wider pool of mobile phone users across a variety of demographic backgrounds.

The number of advertising/marketing apps on GetJar is around 500 or 1% of all apps available via GetJar, and it’s a growing part of their business.

It’s also very clear from the survey results that GetJar users are very receptive and supportive of advertising on mobile apps.

  • 73 per cent think that brands that use mobile apps to promote products are viewed favourably.
  • 74 per cent would actively download an app that was sponsored or developed by a well-known brand.
  • Eight-out of-ten say that they continue to consciously download apps that contain advertising.
  • Eight-out-of-ten have recommended a mobile app to a friend highlighting the power of peer-to-peer advocacy among mobile app user

This study clearly shows that, for this target age group at least, mobile apps are very popular and brands should have a good reception when advertising through this channel.

And finally, because not everything in the world will be ad-funded, it is good to know that 67 per cent of the respondents also said that they would be willing to pay for a mobile app.

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