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Google Goes After High End Phones

googlephone1.gifReacting to the growing popularity and installed base of high end smartphones, Google has introduced some new features for their AdSense for Mobile product.

These new features take advantage of the full internet browsing capabilities of smartphones to enable advertisers to provide a richer advertising experience.

Google acknowledges that as mobile devices are increasingly able to provide a rich content experience similar to that on a desktop, advertisers are increasingly extending their campaigns to include mobile.

This feature offers publishers the ability to run larger AdSense ads visible on high-end phones. Before this launch, AdSense mobile publishers were only eligible to serve smaller text and image ads on their website content.

The new option in Google AdSense for Mobile

The standard option in Google AdSense for Mobile

Google implemented this feature by introducing a new JavaScript snippet that is easy to implement and specifically optimized for mobile to reduce latency on high-end mobile phones.

Google also explains that if your site is created in xthml or html and is primarily geared toward users of high-end phones like the iPhone or Android, then by choosing “iPhone and other high-end devices only” you will be able to select from a variety of ad formats targeted toward high-end handsets.

If your site it required to support a wider variety of handsets such as feature phones, it is better to choose the “All Phones” setting. This type will support standard mobile markup languages (xhtml, chtml, and wml) and requires server-side scripting support to implement. If you select this option, Google will automatically deliver an ad format based on the user’s phone.

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