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SMART Update On US Mobile Ad Market

smart_logo.gifEvery month, Millennial Media puts out a SMART report on the US mobile advertising market (SMART=Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting).

In their latest report they give a detailed look at the top 10 verticals for mobile advertising spending, as well as some interesting information on what forms of interactivity people are actually engaging in.

Millennial Media has a reach of just over 50 million mobile users in the US, so the information they report back about their ad network activity is built on a broad base.

This month they have reported on the top 10 vertical markets for mobile ad spend.


It is interesting that these are the same top 10 verticals they reported 6 months ago, except that Finance has joined the list, and Automotive has departed, perhaps a result of the overall auto industry downturn.

Entertainment is the top vertical, as it was 6 months ago.

Also, Millennial provides a breakdown within the Retail & Restaurant category, which shows that Consumer Electronics is by far the biggest spender.


There is quite a bit more information in the full report, but one other topic that we found especially interesting is the type of engagement activities that people are engaging in. The chart below shows the types of “post-click” activity that was reported over the Millennial network. The numbers in parenthesis indicate the month-over-month change.


The largest growth area is clicking to Apps Stores or iTunes, which represents 22% of clicks and is up 6% from last month. As the Millennial report says, “This is a true indicator of brands promoting their products and services via iPhone applications and including them as part of their overall mobile buys.”

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