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A social shopping app
Brand: Gap
Application: StyleMixer
Platform: iPhone

Campaign Objective:
The objective was to design an iPhone experience that reached the target demographic of 27-32 year old professionals by engaging them where they spend their time: using social media – online and, increasingly, on their iPhones.

The Gap StyleMixer iPhone application is a social shopping tool enabling users to mix and match clothes, find inspiration, get advice and more. StyleMixers can organize outfits, get feedback from Facebook friends and the iPhone StyleMixer community, take, upload and integrate images of clothes from their own closets and get ideas from other community members.

Leveraging an innovative iPhone technology, the app unlocks surprise offers when users are near a Gap store. This allows Gap to deliver Up-To-Date and iPhone-Only offers to their most loyal customers when they are in the vicinity of a Gap Store.

The Facebook Connect integration allows users to receive feedback not only from the StyleMixer Community of other iPhone users, but also directly from the user’s friends. Those comments are then pulled back into the app and aggregated for quick, easy reading.








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