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New “Market Snapshot” Shows Big Progress For UK Mobile Ad Market

iab_logo.gifThe IAB-UK (Internet Advertising Bureau) has released their second annual Snapshot of the UK mobile advertising market.

Based on information from over 100 experts working in agencies and advertisers, this new study shows that the UK market has made major progress over the past 12 months in areas such as development of expertise and fit with selected product categories, though it still represents a small part of the overall advertising industry.

The IAB ran this survey over the past month in order to gain insight into the current level of knowledge about mobile advertising as well as to look at the uptake within today’s current media climate. This is the second year that this study has taken place, so making year-on-year comparisons are possible.

Mobile experience

Less people reported “no mobile advertising experience” compared with 2008, and slightly more showed that they had tried it and were using it.


When the IAB asked the group that had tried and stopped why they had stopped, there was a range of answers but focused on lack of client comprehension, budget, and lack of trackability.


Familiarity with mobile marketing formats

Here is a list of 16 types of mobile advertising, and the level of familiarity with each.


In two thirds of these cases, the level of familiarity improved from 2008, in some cases this was quite dramatically. For example, in 2008 only 22% of people were at least somewhat familiar with 2D barcodes, whereas in 2009 that number had risen to 58%. And in 2008, 50% of the people had no experience in mobile coupons, whereas in 2009 that number had dropped in half to only 24%

Barriers to adoption

Finally, an open ended question was asked about the most important barriers to the adoption of mobile advertising by clients. The answers spanned a wide range of topics, but there was a focus on lack of tracking information and ROI evidence as well a as lack of understanding of mobile advertising.


Overall, this study provides a very interesting picture of the growth and development of the mobile advertising business in the UK.

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