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Orange Launches On-Device Application Shop

orange-logo.gifOrange, the worldwide mobile operator, has jumped into the mobile apps game by announcing their own on-device “Orange Application Shop”, where millions of Orange customers will be able to download applications, games, ringtones and wallpapers.

The App Shop

The App Shop is itself a multi-platform application that runs on a wide range of handsets. This gives “one-click from the home screen” access to applications, which is much easier for consumers than previous web or wap-based app shops.

A basic set of Orange-branded services such as Orange TV, Orange Games, and Orange Maps are provided in the app. It also provides the means to search, discover, browse and download a wide variety of mobile apps from other content providers and app developers.

The App Shop will also handle payments, which is always one of the most difficult aspects of any m-commerce transaction. Anything in the Shop can be purchased and paid for on the subscribers Orange mobile bill, thus avoiding the need to use some additional means of payment each time.


According to statements by Orange, it seems that there are really two groups that will be most effected by this new service.

The first to benefit is of course Orange customers. The service ensures that customers can find and easily download and pay for applications that are fully tested and suitable for their device. These atttributes are what has made the iPhone App store so popular.

orange-app-shop.jpgInitially the service will roll out in the UK and France, via “over the air” to existing customers. Later on it will be preloaded onto various devices, including the Nokia 6700, Sony Ericsson W995 and in France the Yari U100i. Later, this will also include Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and RIM handsets.

Later in 2010, Orange will roll out the App Shop to their other markets, including Spain, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia, Belgium, Austria, Moldova and Portugal. Orange plans to add localized content in each market to make the service more relevant to local consumers.

Yves Tyrode, EVP of Orange Technocentre says, “We are giving customers a tailor-made shop window on the mobile that makes it easier to discover, download, use and manage content. Whether it’s a Smartphone user, or someone using a simpler device, we know the demand for content is there – it’s just about getting that experience right.”


The other group to benefit will be application developers. This new initiative should give them better access to the millions of Orange subscribers who are interested in mobile apps.

In addition, Orange says that they have been working with developers both to develop a consistent user experience, as well as to enhance their application delivery process. More information for developers can be found on Orange’s developer website,

M. Tyrode concluded by saying, “Orange Partner and our unique global network of developer centres enable us to deliver unparalleled testing, development and marketing assistance. This innovation network, our close collaboration with device and platform manufacturers as well as content providers and other industry initiatives, illustrates just how committed we are to reducing barriers to application development to get great content for our customers to enjoy.”

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