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Google Puts QR Codes On 100,000 Stores

google-favoriteplaces.gifIn a move to link online content to real world locations, Google has launched a new QR-code based Favorite Places on Google program.

Google has identified the top 100,000 most searched stores in the US, and has sent them a window decal that includes a unique QR code. When consumers scan the code with their phone, they go directly to a Google mobile web Place Page about the business.

Consumers can then interact with the Place Page in various ways. For example, they can read reviews to see what other users think about the business, they can find any coupons that the business may be offering, or they can leave their own review of the business.

This program, which is currently running only in the US, is based around Google’s Local Business Center. Companies that have registered and added their information to the LBC are eligible.

After a company is registered in the LBC, Google identifies the most popular by keeping track of how often consumers search for that business, how often they ask for directions, etc.

Periodically Google will send out an additional wave of window decals to a new set of “most popular” businesses. There is no way for a company to request such a decal, it has to be earned though consumer interaction.

Programs like this should start pushing the adoption of QR codes and other 2D barcodes for mobile marketing. One current barrier to adoption is that a consumer has to have a barcode reader installed in their phone in order to scan the code. However, with the proliferation of App stores and free barcode reading apps, this should not be a problem at least for owners of smartphones.


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