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Juniper Report Predicts 15 billion Mobile Tickets by 2014

juniper-logo2.gifJuniper Research has released its latest report on the mobile ticketing industry, in which it predicts that by 2014 nearly 15 billion tickets will be delivered to consumer’s mobile devices.

Juniper categorizes mobile ticketing into three major segments that cover most of the ticketing applications:

  • Transport, including Air, Rail, Bus, and Ferry/sea travel
  • Sporting Events, including sports at the club, national and international levels, as well as major international sporting events such as the Olympics and World Cup.
  • Entertainment & Events, including live music, theatre, ballet, comedy, cinema, night clubs, museums & galleries & trade shows.

The report said that mobile ticketing was developing fastest in the transport sector through SMS, bar codes and apps offered by rail companies and airlines. But it predicted that mobile ticketing would be more widespread in Cinema’s, Concert halls and sports stadiums by 2014.


The report stated that in 2009 the majority of mobile ticketing transactions where in the Far East and China. While Europe’s contribution in 2009, of 17% is mainly due to advanced transport ticketing systems in Scandinavia. But the report predicted that Europe would be the leading region by 2014.


One surprising fact is that in Japan mobile ticketing is still a small percentage of the total volume of tickets issued (less than 2% of the 22 billion journeys).

To buy a Copy of the report click HERE

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