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Orange: Women Send More Messages, Men Watch More Mobile TV Clips

orange-logo-1401.gifOrange have released their latest “Digital Media Index” report for April 2010.

This report looks at consumer behavior related to digital media, and in this particular edition highlights the differing usage patterns that men and women have on the Orange mobile network.

Periodically, mobile operator Orange releases a Digital Media Index, a report which is put together utilizing statistics from Orange’s 17.4 million customers in the UK, and which provides insight into the behavior of consumers in the digital world. This edition focuses on the ways that usage varies between the men and women.

For example, it shows that women send more SMS and “significantly” more MMS’s than men. This discrepancy increases with age, with women over 60 years old sending 48% more MMS’s than men in the same age group.

orange_world.gifOn the other hand, men are responsible for the majority of TV clips being purchased (71%), and are also responsible for more connections (57%) to Orange World (the Orange portal).

Mobile access to social networking sites continues to grow rapidly, and interestingly, it is the men that are spending more time and viewing more social networking pages than women. Men represent 64% of unique users, and they also view 33% more pages than women on social networking sites overall.

In terms of games, the report showed that men prefer time related challenges, while women prefer level based strategic games. Also of importance to developers, the study also noted that 30% of Orange’s gaming revenues come from games being bought after the consumer had had a free trial/demo of that game.

The report also highlighted the increased consumer usage of the Orange World portal: unique users are almost 3.5 million per month, monthly page views are 186 million, and the average length of visit has increased to over 17 minutes from 14 minutes one year ago.

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