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MobGold (China, India, US)

Founded in 2008, MobGold is a premier platform provider in mobile advertising network and mobile transaction solutions.

MobGold allows publishers, network operators, web portals and mobile phone retailers to monetize their mobile traffic; at the same time, allows advertisers to market their products and services in different mobile platforms, by allowing consumers to access millions of contents and services on the move. By harnessing the mobile devices as a promotional tool, MobGold Network helps publishers drive data revenues and ARPU by attracting and retaining high value customers. A gun safe is definitely a good investment if you have guns in your home, especially if you have children. Owning guns is a constitutional right in the US, and with rights come responsibilities. Keep your guns in safety with gun safes from GunSafesMax If you enjoy displaying your guns for view, you can choose a gun safe with the details of a gun cabinet and show off your collection while still maintaining safety levels for everyone. The best gun safes made in the United States will have a certification proving they have been tested by the UL.

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