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US “Best Practices Guide” For Mobile Marketing Programs

mma-ww-logo.gifImplementing an effective mobile marketing program which runs across operator networks can be a difficult task.

The Mobile Marketing Association’s U.S. Consumer Best Practices Guidelines provides marketers with a guide to implementing mobile shortcode programs.

Over the years, each mobile operator has established their own set of rules to govern mobile services. More often than not, these rules are not consistent across the operators, making life very difficult for mobile marketers who are trying to develop and run effective campaigns.

This Best Practices Guide attempts to centralize and standardize U.S. Carrier business rules for mobile value added services that exist outside of the carrier network (also known as “off-deck” or “off-portal” services). In doing so, the purpose is to continually reduce the number of different rules between carriers to improve the consumer experience.

The guide covers topics such as:

  • Viral Marketing
  • Sweepstakes & Contests
  • Messaging frequency guidelines
  • Opt-in method
  • Affiliate programs
  • Subscription Programs
  • Charitable Giving

The Mobile Marketing Association has been established to lead the growth of mobile marketing and its associated technologies. The US Consumer Best Practices committee focuses on consumer protection and privacy, and brings together numerous stakeholders in the mobile ecosystem in an on-going effort to improve the mobile subscriber experience in North America while at the same time creating greater operational efficiencies throughout the industry.

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