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Apple Reveals Special ViP Tracking Service for iAd

iad-logo-140.gifApple’s ad platform subsidiary Quattro Wireless has recently been communicating with clients touting a new service that they have launched called Verification of iTunes Purchase (ViP). The service will provide special proprietary tracking information to app developers who use iPhone ads.

The ViP service will tie the ad into purchase data from iTunes, which will let app developers measure the conversion rate of ad impressions to downloads, and thus allow them to more effectively drive downloads and purchases of their apps to track.

The system works using a “proprietary direct link from the ad to the app store”, which will also allow Apple to guarantee that once a user has downloaded an app he will never see the ad for that app again.

Here is a slide from the Quattro Presentation:

When Apple recently launched iAd they boldly claimed that they wanted to “create ad products that cannot be duplicated by anyone” and it seems that their control of the platform will be crucial.

This is as other mobile ad networks rely on their SDK’s or API’s being integrated into an app in order for them to deliver conversion tracking. But Apple, has not only blocked this, but also has access to iTunes data that their rivals do not. This allows Apple to give advertisers much more detailed and accurate metrics.

Just in case the advertisers did not fully understand the message, the Quattro e-mail ended by saying: “No SDK or server-side integration – this cannot be duplicated by any of our competitors”.

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