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Mobile Excellence Awards


6 December 2010
Hollywood, CA, USA

The Mobile Excellence Awards represents all walks of the mobile ecosystem from start-ups, studios, content providers, entertainment, apps and handsets, to brands and more.


MEA presents four separate categories of awards: Mobile Business, Mobile Technology, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Entertainment. In addition, there are three additional premiere awards: the Mobile Ambassador Award, Industry Star Award and the People’s Choice Award.

Premier Awards:

Industry Star
– Chosen for exemplary achievement and overall impact on the mobile entertainment industry, by either a product, service, or executive team’s effort in making a difference

People’s Choice
– Special Recognition for Industry Achievement chosen by the Mobile community itself

Mobile Ambassador
– Recognizes the company or individual which/who has most effectively supported the goals of the mobile industry, its programs, and the mobile community at large serving effectively as a “mobile evangelist.”


Best Mobile Start Up – Honors the mobile company with less than 3 years in business which has achieved the most success and impact in the industry to date

Best Mobile Innovator
– Honors a company which has proved to be the most progressive or launched the most groundbreaking product/service/model

Best Mobile International – Honors mobile companies which have proved to be the most progressive or launched the most groundbreaking product/service/model from outside their respective country of origin

Best Technology Breakthrough – Honors the contribution that mobile operators, manufacturers, and suppliers make to increase mobile usage, ARPU, expand the user experience, and help expand business opportunities in general

Best Mobile Social Network – Honors the best mobile social network platform, service, function or environment as part of overall offering, or that integrates a consumer friendly social network into the overall experience

Best Mobile Games
– Honors the best out of all game content categories combined, including casual, multiplayer or original

Best Mobile Music
– Honors best out of all music content categories combined, including ringtones, library, radio, or other music experiences

Best Brand Marketing Campaign – Honors the mobile marketing campaign that was either created for a brand or on behalf of an entertainment property, which makes the best use of viral marketing to enhance a brand’s consumer awareness through mobile engagement

Best Community/Fan Content
– Honors integrated content, activities and/or interactive experience created to serve specific interest groups or fan base of particular entertainment artist or program

Best Original Content for Mobile
– Honors the company that has developed the most innovative User Generated or professionally produced content that engages the mobile user and enhances the mobile content experience

Best Content Extension ( film/tv) Made for Mobile – Honors the best content developed for mobile as an extension or companion program/activity to a traditional TV show or series, fiction or non-fiction, or film, fiction or non-fiction


Best Mobile Product – Honors the best mobile product developed and launched by a carrier, provider, or mobile media company

Best Mobile Service
– Honors the best mobile service or tool launched in at least one or more markets to include, content discovery, search, navigation tools, LBS, etc.

Best Mobile Application – Honors the best mobile application built to deliver content, entertainment, news or other media, on smart phones that impact how consumers interact with their handset to drive better efficiencies in technology, marketing or entertainment

Best User Interface for Mobile
– Honors the company that developed the best UI for either smartphones or feature phones (or both) that impacts ease of use and navigation by using the core functionality of the particular device.

Best Delivery Platform for Mobile
– Honors companies that have developed or contributed a mobile service, application or technology to deliver mobile content or entertainment services that enhanced content delivery platforms

Best Mobile Features & Functionality for Handsets: honors the company that created one or more features within a mobile application that solves a problem, adds value or changes the consumer interaction with their mobile device.

Best Mobile Handset or OEM
– Honors the company that made a significant contribution to design, ergonomics and core features of a manufactured mobile device capable of communication and multimedia functionality.

Visit the event website to enter.

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