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NRK mobile advertising trial (video)

nrk_logo.gifNRK (the Norwegian public broadcaster) and Ericsson just recently published the results of a trial they have been running to look at mobile TV with advertising. Take a look at some of the images and video.

A full interview with Gunnar Garfors of NRK is HERE.

The advertisements took several forms. When a subscriber first launches the service or when they leave the service, there are pre-loaded targeted ads.


While the show is running, on a split screen there are banner ads and scrolling text ads.


To see a short video clip of the service in operation, click on the player below.

First you see when the service is launched there are two ads shown – one for the movie “Happy Feet”,and one for a social community “My Place”. Then the TV starts, and you see how the channels can be selected. As the TV is shown, you see a scrolling text ad appear in the bottom part of the screen. Finally, a different channel is selected, and you see a banner display ad for a university in the lower part of the screen. Both the scrolling text ad and the banner ad are clickable to go to the advertisers WAP page.

NRK Mobile TV Advertising Trial

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