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1 Million Downloads: VW Has Great Success With Adver-Games

app-logo.pngVolkswagen has announced that it continues to see great consumer response to it’s mobile games.

The latest game, called Volkswagen Touareg Challenge, has been downloaded over 1 million times in the first 10 days after its launch.

According to the game’s developers, Fishlabs, consumers are spending an average of 8 minutes playing the game.

And, very importantly for VW, the game has been great at generating direct sales leads:

  • over 3,500 consumers arranging test-drives after playing the game
  • over 50,000 consumers haved used the applications dealer search functionality


“We are overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of time players are spending with Volkswagen Touareg Challenge. But we are especially pleased that Touareg fans are eagerly using the dealer search and that the opportunity to arrange a test drive is doing so well,” says Cornelia Lenz from Volkswagen’s eGames team.

It is interesting to note that VW’s previous adver-game, VW Polo Challenge, managed 500,000 downloads in the first 10 days. The fact that this most recent game doubled that performance suggest that the consumer appetite for this type of adver-games is still growing rapidly.

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