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Greystripe in-game advertising


There has been a lot of discussion recently about in-game advertising. Last week we interviewed with Michael Chang of Greystripe (link). Michael provided us with some screen shots and a short video of what the campaigns actually look like when running on Greystripe.



In this video you will see the user select and launch a game. Just before the game starts, there are 2 ads shown. On one he has the option to download a guide, on the other he has the option to call the advertiser.

Then the game loads and starts.

When it is finished, another ad is shown. In this case, there is an option to get a discount coupon sent by email, so he enters an email address. After that there is one more ad and then session is finished.

Greystripe in game advertising[kml_flashembed movie="" width="212" height="250" wmode="transparent" /]

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