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Rolling Stones Launch AR Campaign

the-rolling-stones.jpgWith mobile Augmented Reality being in fashion at the moment, the Rolling Stones are the latest to launch a campaign promoting the re-release of their album “Exile on Main Street”.

The application runs on both on iPhone 3Gs and Google Android phones, and allows mobile subscribers to stick virtual posters promoting the album on real-world locations. In addition they can attach a personal message and a clip from one of the album songs.

Other users can then see all the virtual posters than have been stuck within a 2 km radius.


The campaign was created for Polydor Records by augmented reality developer Augment Reality who were responsible for the Beatles tourist AR application that proved successful last year.

Both the Rolling Stones campaign and the Beatles application were created using Layar. Layar is an augmented reality browser that allows user to view “Layars” that have been created by other users. It currently has more than 1,000 publishers and an active user base of more than 716,000 users and 4,000 developers.



“Virtual” Beatles Crossing Abbey Road
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