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Private Ad Networks Take The Fight To Apple/Google

giving_money_away.gifWith the recent press surrounding the acquisitions of Admob and Quattro Wireless by Google and Apple, it is easy to forget that there are other very serious mobile ad networks in the industry.

Recent announcements from ad networks such as InMobi and Jumptap show that they are not scared of taking the fight to Apple & Google. Both of these ad networks have recently announced the creation of multimillion dollar funds in order to get application developers and publishers to sign up to their networks.

The first to do so was InMobi who announced in the middle of June that it was launching a $2 million World Developer Fund. The fund is aimed at giving application developers 100% of the revenue from the ads on their application instead of the usual 60-40 split. The offer will last until the $2 million runs out.

New publishers can get started here.

This was followed up in July by Jumptap, who launched their $4 million Passport to Freedom program, which offers essentially the same conditions. Jumptap’s program will run until the $4 million is used up or until the end of the year, which ever comes first.

New Jumptap customers can sign up at here.

Both of these offers are obviously good for application developers, but also show that it is still a very competitive space where the smaller private start-ups are not going to lie down just because two big companies have entered their space.


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