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Women Are Catching The iPad Craze!

ipad_women.gifHaving already sold 3 million units, the iPad has undoubtedly become the must have gadget of the year.

But who are the iPad users?

Yahoo has posted a number of articles on their blog looking into who is visiting Yahoo from an iPad, and it is not exactly who you might think.
Yahoo posted their first information just about a week after the iPad first launched. In that first post, not surprisingly, most of the iPad users seen were men, in fact they outnumbered women 2:1, whereas the overall population of Y! users is almost exactly a 50:50 split.


These early users also “over-indexed” on the kinds of topics you might expect, for example technology, finance, sports. This chart shows the uptake rate for certain parts of the Y! site for iPad users compared to the overall Y! population. For example, iPad users were 2.4 times as likely to visit picture upload site Flickr as the normal Y! user.


Yahoo’s second post about iPad was released just recently, and starts by stating that Yahoo has seen a 7X increase in the number of users visiting Yahoo services from an iPad during the first 2 months after launch.

Whereas the initial ratio was 2:1 male, the current mix has changed to be about 3:2 male. Given the very strong early sales of iPad to men, this suggests that a large share of the more recent new users are women.


One thing that did not change between the two posts was the fact that “the sweet spot for this user base continues to be in the 30–54 age range” as shown by the chart below.


The Yahoo blog goes on to compare US statistics to those in the new markets where the iPad is now available. As a general rule, the demographics in the new markets are quite similar to the early US results.

The one noticeable exception however is Japan, where men iPad users outnumber women users by 4-1!


While these figures only relate to visits to the Yahoo site, they provide an interesting first look at consumer behavior on the iPad – certainly interesting food for thought for any marketer looking to release a product for this new device!

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