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Google Raises The Bar With Location-Based AdWords

google_compass21.gifFor a company whose roots are firmly in the fixed internet, Google has been consistently aggressive at supporting mobile based services.

In particular, they have spent a lot of energy working to make mobile search as relevant as possible to a consumer’s mobile needs.

In line with this, Google just has released some very interesting location-based extensions to mobile AdWords.

A few months ago Google introduced the idea of “click-to-call” extensions to mobile AdWord ads, giving advertisers the possibility to include a phone number in an AdWords ad.

Reasoning that people searching for goods or services on their mobile phones may well prefer to call a store rather than visit that store’s website, Google took advantage of fact that the ability for prospective customers to easily call a business is a key distinguishing feature of searches made on mobile phones versus computers.

Continuing this idea of expanding the capabilities of AdWords advertising and making it more “mobile centric”, Google has now introduced the capability to add a map and directions to the ad.

Basically, the ad appears as a banner text ad which includes a special icon which expands to show the business location on a Google map, along with the ad creative, the click-to-call phone number, and the option to get directions on how to reach the business.

Here is an example of how these new ad units look:


According to the Google Mobile Ads Blog, “Since ads can be served based on the user’s location, a potential customer will see the phone number and map of the store location that’s nearest to them. By providing mobile consumers more options to connect with your business you can drive more traffic to your store, visits to your website or calls to your business.”

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