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LBS Set To Take Over Local Media?

life_is_local.gifLast week an interesting article was published in Media Post suggesting that LBS was set to increase its share of local advertising spend substantially over the next few years.

The article, contributed by Dave Morgan, CEO of New York Based TV marketing agency Simulmedia and previously founder of TACODA, suggests that LBS will take between 20% and 25% of the ad revenue of local media by 2014!

Mr. Morgan believes that local newspaper, yellow pages, radio and local TV companies will be even more impacted by mobile than they have been already by the likes of Google, Yahoo, eBay, and craiglist.

dave_morgan.jpgHe explains several reasons for the expected impact on local media. Among them are:

  • Mobile user base has massive scale.
  • It is a powerful person-to-person-to-place connectivity.
  • It is the most “relevant” media platform ever.
  • It is cheap.
  • And it is fun.

He goes on to compare LBS to “craigslist on steroids”.

To read the full article please click Here

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