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Mobile Games: Who Are The Users?

mobile_games.gifOne of the hardest things to judge is who your users are, but a recent survey of Mobile Gamers by Buzz City sheds some light on this all important question.

The survey was conducted during May and June 2010 and involved almost 1,500 consumers from 10 countries in the top 20 traffic generators on the Buzz City network.

The countries that were surveyed included: Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand and the USA.

In total the survey received 1,417 responses, of these 71% were male and 29% female. The most popular handsets were Nokia (52%), Samsung (13%), Sony Ericsson (7%).

Unsurprisingly the majority of those that answered the survey where between the ages of 15 and 30 (80%). In terms of occupation, the leading group was students (37%), although there was quite a wide range of responses.

KF Lai, CEO of BuzzCity, said, “Mobile gaming has gone mainstream and there’s a clear need to address specific demographics.”


The top two reasons given for playing a game on a mobile device were to pass time (45%), or for education/work/school (40%).

Its interesting to compare this with the type of games favored, which were Action/Adventure/Fantasy Games (42%) followed by Sports/Racing titles (21%). Brain/Board Games where you might learn something were only favored 10% of the time.


The survey also includes a detailed look at responses from each of the ten countries.

KF Lai continued, “Increasing mobile game traffic suggests a viable opportunity for ad supported games and advergames, particularly where branding is a key campaign objective. As users get more involved with the sophisticated plotlines of games, the level of consumer engagement increases, creating more branding opportunities for marketers.”

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