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Consumer Study:
iPad Is Favorite Device For Reading,
But Rarely Used Outside Of Home

14264-ipad.jpgA recent survey of iPad users in the UK has shown that the iPad is users’ favorite device for reading newspapers, magazines, and books.

However, only 16% of iPads are regularly used outside of the home.

The survey of 1,034 UK iPad owners was conducted by copywriters Cooper Murphy Webb showed that 27% of owners never take their iPad out of their home, 35% rarely, 22% sometimes, 11% most of the time and only 5% always take it out with them.


Interestingly the study then finds that 57% of owners spent less than 10 hours a week on their iPads.


However 24% of those surveyed said that the iPad was their primary entertainment device, ahead of phones (22%), TV (19%) but behind computers (33%).


iPad owners said that it was their preferred device when it came to reading newspapers and magazines (31%) ahead of Computers (26%), print (24%), and E-readers (7%).


There was a similar trend when it came to reading books with users preferring their iPad (41%) ahead of print (36%), Computers (12%) and E-readers (7%).


This study confirm some people’s view that in the long term the iPad will become a home device used mainly as a home entertainment hub rather than an “on-the-move” device.

While this study is an interesting look into iPad users and their habits, it is worth bearing in mind that it is a study of those who have already bought the device and should not be confused with one of the general population.

To read more of this study – including about peoples’ habits for gaming and browsing – click Here.

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