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How To Maximise ROI In Mobile Paid Search?

monaelesseily-lg.jpgAn interesting two part article was recently published in Search Engine Land explaining how to maximise ROI in mobile paid search.

The article, written by Mona Elesseily, VP of Online Marketing Strategy at Page Zero Media, outlines differences between traditional paid search and mobile paid search and explains how they lead to a difference in value of keywords, the difference in targeting options, and an increased importance of being in the first couple of results.

In terms of how consumers use their mobile device, the article explains that in general mobile advertising works best for low price products as people searching on the mobile web tend to be looking for short, quick-to-consume information. This leads to great results for actions such as downloading music/ringtones, finding places to eat or ordering fast foods.

Because of this difference in consumer use the article advises to keep queries short. However the article mitigates this by saying that with an increase in uptake of voice search longer queries may produce results in the future.

The article then looks at the different targeting options that are on offer with mobile devices. These include handset types or specific operators. It goes without saying that if you are selling an iPhone app you don’t want your advert to appear on Android devices!

One of the most important thing that the article underline is that with mobile screens being substantially smaller than computer screens, it is vital that your ad appears in the first couple of positions. The authors explains that there is a massive decrease in CTR and ROI if the ads appear lower down the screen as users don’t tend to go to the bottom of the screen.

The writer also looks into how the use of :

  • Google maps
  • Incentives
  • Locations
  • Click to call
  • The App Store

To read the first part of the article Click Here, and to read the second part Click Here.


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