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Could Brand Websites Be A Thing Of The Past?

facebook_logo.gifRecent research published by Digital Consultancy firm Beyond points towards the end of Brand Websites in favor of branded pages on social media sites such as Facebook.

And as social media is becoming increasingly linked with mobile, this will have implications for branded mobile sites as well.

The study of over 2,500 people based in the UK and US found that 46% of people already engage with at least 1 Brand through social media websites. And why do they do this?

  • half of them do it in order to receive special offers and discounts,
  • 34% because they like the product,
  • 27% to receive news, and
  • 12% in order to receive better customer service

Interestingly the study also found that 60% of people surveyed had changed their minds about a product because of negative opinions on social media sites.

“Our research indicates that digital marketing requires a much more integrated strategy that runs across the entire company, from sales through to customer service. It requires a convergence of thinking and an approach to deal with user-generated content” said Beyond MD EMEA Nick Rappolt .

When it came to consumers preferred source of Brand information, Facebook and Direct Mail were both top choices at 23%, followed by company websites 21% and company blogs trailing far behind at only 3%.

With social media sites such as Facebook focusing more and more on offering services optimized for mobile, this study may point to a reduced need for a branded mobile sites. (see MobiAD article on Facebook’s launch of their new Places service. HERE.

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