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iPad Users Like To Engage With Ads

nielsen-ipad-ad.gifA recent study by Nielsen into consumer habits on the iPad, Kindle and similar devices has found that iPad users are more willing to receive ads and more willing to pay for content than users of other devices.

The study, which surveyed over 5,000 device owners and tracked 54 different devices, found that some 57% of owners would be willing to engage with an ad if it led to free content. 49% said that they were more likely to view an ad if it involved video content.


The study also found that tablet devices where more likely to be shared with friends compared with than other devices, with 46% of tablet users allowing others to use their device while only a 1/3 of smartphone owners shared their device.


Nearly all iPad users (91%) had downloaded an application to their device, with 2 out of 3 iPad owners having paid for an app. Games, books and music are the most popular types of apps.


In spite of the fact that the iPad is more expensive than the Kindle, Nielsen found that Kindle owners are slightly wealthier than iPad owners: 28% of Kindle owners earned over $100K compared to 25% with the iPad. However iPad users are younger, with 63% under the age of 35 compared to 47% of Kindle users.

The study also looks at other aspects of iPad and connected device usage, including the effectiveness of ads, purchases made after seeing ads, and time spent with various media categories.

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