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University Students Happy To Receive Mobile Ads

mortarboard.gifThere are approximately 20 million university students in China, making this an enormously attractive advertising target.

Recently, David Holding-Parsons from MobiAd News completed a study of the attitude of Chinese students towards mobile advertising and found that they were receptive to mobile advertisements, but rewards and control are important!

The study, which involved interviews of 738 students at Shanghai’s Tongji University, found that 47% of the students expressed an interest in receiving adverts on their mobile device.


This figure increased to 61% if the students where offered an incentive in exchange for viewing the ad.

Interest levels climbed even further and reached 69% when they were able to retain control over which brands could advertise to them. These conditions are not surprising as SMS spam is a big problem in China.


The study also looked at the difference between undergraduates and more mature MBA students and found rather surprisingly that more MBA students where interested by receiving mobile ads than undergraduates (61% vs. 47%).

The study also revealed that Chinese students use their mobile phones throughout their day, with over 50% saying they use it at home, almost 40% saying they use it in class, and almost 40% saying they use it even in bed.


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