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Mobile Social Media Advertising Shown To Effect Consumer Buying Patterns

social-media.gifA recent study has found that the majority (59%) of US Social Media users consider advertising a fair price to pay for using these services.

Further, 15% of them reported that they are more inclined to buy brands that advertise on Social Media sites.

The study, entitled “The Faces of Social Media”, conducted by Media Post Communications and Knowledge Networks interviewed 2,242 Americans, ranging from 13 to 80 year old to measure their usage of social media.

“We have learned that as social media usage has become nearly universal, its influence on inclination to purchase cannot be ignored,” said Patricia Graham, Chief Strategy Officer of Knowledge Networks.

The study also looked at people’s inclination to learn about a brand, and found that brand exploration increased by 25% when consumers received an ad from a brand on a Social Media site.

Smartphones users show even more impact

The purchase inclination impact was shown to be even higher with smartphone users with almost a third (32%) saying that they were more inclined to purchase a brand who had advertised to them in the app.

Ads within apps also appeal to smartphone owners between the ages of 13 and 54, with 40 percent saying that ads they see while using their smartphones are usually relevant to their “needs and interests.” As a result, smartphone users were more accepting of ads (70%) as fair price to pay for the service.

“As more people move to smartphones, there will be an increased opportunity for advertisers to improve their reach to consumers with increased relevance.” said Chuck Martin, Director of the Center for Media Research at Media Post Communications. “Marketers can expect more impact reaching social media users via mobile, based on these new findings.”

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