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MIDEM and MidemNet


22 to 26 January, 2011
Cannes, France

MIDEM and MidemNet bring together the music industry’s influencers and decision makers from across the globe. MidemNet provides insightful analysis into the mobile and digital music markets.

Together, they are the best place to license and discover music, find solutions, make deals, keep abreast of industry trends and to meet the people that could transform your business; a concentration of ideas and opportunities on a global scale.

MidemNet Conference: All Things Digital
Gain valuable insights into Music Business in the Digital Age at the world’s most renowned digital conference, featuring exclusive keynotes and panels.

MidemNet 2011 leads the industry towards ‘Music Ubiquity’.
Providing consumers access to their music, when and where they want it, on any device – that dream is closer to reality, thanks to new devices, technologies and innovative business solutions that are reshaping the consumer experience.

What are the conditions that allow the 360° music experience come to life? And how can artists forge a successful path in this new environment? At MidemNet 2011, exclusive keynotes, leading international artists, industry experts & the new generation of music producers will address related key issues.
MidemNet 2011 topics:

* How to concretely license music for multi-platforms usages?
* Is cloud music the path to the future?
* How do artists create engaging connections with their fans wherever they are?
* To succeed today, what are the unmissable channels for your music business model?
* How to market most relevant music offering for such diverse audiences & devices?

For more information, visit the conference website.

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