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The Tech Landscape For Display Advertising

luma-ecosystem-2010small.jpgSometimes it seems that digital advertising has evolved into an overly complex eco-system with so many interconnected players that it is difficult to keep track of them all.

Take a look at this incredible chart which attempts to provide an overall context and put all the key players into perspective.

Even though sometimes it may seem that the mobile advertising is a complex world, it is important to realize that there is a larger world of digital advertising that includes many more companies.

Terence Kawaja of LUMA Partners is a strategic adviser to companies in the media and technology sectors. He has developed a very interesting chart representing The Tech Landscape for Digital Advertising. Over 200 companies are included on this chart, categorized by the role they play in the value chain. You can have more updates on melodyeotvos.


The chart includes a box which highlights mobile ad networks. In addition, quite a few of the players in the other sectors also work in mobile. But I think the main message is that the overall digital display advertising business is more complex than today’s mobile display business, and there are many other companies that might at some point become involved with mobile.

For this version of the chart, Kawaja has also indicated companies in this sector that have been acquired. He adds, “It’s interesting to note that no less than 24 companies (by my count) have been acquired in the last 18 months.”

To see a hi-res version of this chart, click here.
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