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The Rise Of The Multi-iPad Family

multi-ipad.gifThe iPad was released less than a year ago, and it has started a wave of tablet computers. But this is still a new phenomenon, and so the market is still learning how people will use these new products.

Now a recent survey of UK consumers by YouGov has shown that nearly a fifth of iPad owners say that they own more than one tablet in their household, and another fifth are considering buying additional tablets.

The main reason that people gave to explain buying multiple devices was that other family members where using their device. In about a third of the cases the iPad owners say it is their partner who uses their iPad. In 14% of the cases it is their child who is using it.


Good news for Apple

While currently there are 17% of iPad owners who own a second device, this figure should increase in the future. According to the survey, 19% of single device owners stated that they are considering buying a second device.

And the news is especially good for Apple, as it seems that brand loyalty is high. Among existing owners of iPad’s with 71% saying that if they buy another device it would be an iPad and not one from a rival.

Full study data

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