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AdSpend On Mobile Games To Grow Tenfold By 2015

angry-birds.gifA recent report from market research firm Juniper Research has found that global ad spend on mobile games will be multiplied by 10 over the next five years.

The report predicts that the global adspend will reach $894 million by 2015 up from $87 million in 2010.

The report, which forms part of the study “Mobile Games: App Store Strategies, Business Models & Forecast 2010-2015”, predicts that the increase will be driven by brand interest in mobile as an advertising medium and branded apps where games are particularly popular.

It goes on to take as example games such as Rovio’s Angry Bird, which is making significant returns by offering full ad funded versions of their games to consumers, as well as companies such as Barclaycard and Volkswagen that our deploying games as part of their marketing strategy.


According to Mobile Games report author Daniel Ashdown, “Angry Birds has been a huge hit over the last year on the iPhone since its launch; but arguably its relative impact, in terms of downloads, has been bigger on Getjar and, more recently, on Android Market, as a result of offering the game free with ads. Users get a great game for free, but advertisers get significant product/brand exposure; the same is true of mobile games as marketing tools.”

The sector will also benefit from the launch of platforms designed to optimise the ads within applications such as Apple’s iAD.


However the report also predicts that, while their will be more growth in revenues from adverts, end-user payments will continue to be the primary source of revenue for publishers bringing in 10 times the revenue that ad spend will 2015.

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