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Marketers Show Huge Support For Mobile Advertising In 2011

chart_growth-1.gifAccording to a new survey conducted jointly by the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) and the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association), 88% of marketers intend to use some form of mobile marketing in 2011. In addition, 75% intend to increase their budget for mobile initiatives by an average of 59%.

The survey also found that 62% of Marketers used some form of mobile marketing during 2010 while an additional 26% reported that they intended to begin doing so in 2011.

“Mobile is clearly a fast-growing platform for marketers, but it has yet to attain its full potential” said Bob Liodice, President and CEO, ANA. “With the anticipated increase in adoption this year, we expect to see fresh, innovative approaches, increased brand-building success, and better accountability for this exciting channel”.

However, when it came to the results of their campaigns, most marketers are not yet overly enthusiastic about their results, with only 25% saying that they were “extremely” or “very” successful in their campaigns. This compares to 53% saying that they were “somewhat” successful in their results.

The report also found 4 common traits in those who had been successful with their mobile campaigns:

  • They have been using mobile for a while
  • They tend to use a variety of different mobile platforms
  • They integrate all of their platforms together
  • They use a wide range of metrics in order to measure their mobile efforts

The key benefits that the marketers thought mobile brought to the fore were portable web access, the ability to deliver content to consumers who were on-the-go, and the convenience for immediate consumer contact. In all of these cases mobile provides a benefit which other platforms can not do as well.

The survey also looked at barriers to the adoption of mobile marketing for brands. According to the survey respondents, currently the key barriers are:

  • The lack of metrics
  • Inability to prove ROI
  • Lack of understand of mobile among the senior management

The survey also revealed that there are currently over a dozen different communication platforms that are being used by marketers on the mobile device. Of these, 5 that stand out with over 50% of people surveyed using them:

  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • SMS
  • Mobile Display Ads
  • Mobile Search

“The results of the ANA-MMA joint survey strongly indicate that we will continue to see increased adoption and spending this year across all mobile marketing platforms,” said Greg Stuart, Global CEO, MMA. “The MMA is committed to further establishing critical best practices and guidelines that create efficiencies and eliminate barriers for marketers to make mobile an indispensable part of their marketing mix.”


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