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iAds Greatly Outperform TV Ads

campbell-soup.gifiAd campaigns have been running for just a few months now, but the first effectiveness studies are starting to come in.

A recent study of Campbell’s soup iAd campaign has found that consumers who were exposed to the iAd advertisement had much higher recall and purchase intent than those who had seen the campaign on TV.

The research, which was funded by Apple and conducted by Nielsen, came up with the following results:

  • consumers who were exposed to the iAd advertisement were more than twice as likely to recall seeing it than those who had seen the campaign on TV.
  • those who saw the iAd campaign where 5 times more likely to remember the Campbell brand
  • The intent to purchase was 4 times higher and the appreciation of the ad were five times higher with those that saw the campaign through their Apple devices.

“We have a lot of data that goes many years back for TV print, out of home and radio, but we’re searching for more validated metrics in mobile,” said Jennifer Gordon, director of global advertising for Campbell’s Soups “This does show, in really traditionally brand metric terms, that iAd really outperformed.”


The 5-week study questioned TV and mobile audiences separately via mobile and online surveys, with the TV audience coming from Nielsen’s penal and the mobile audience recruited from various apps.

Campbell’s iAd campaign saw 53 million impressions with 1% of users clicking on it and spending an average of 1 minute browsing the content.

While these are clearly very positive results it will be interesting to see if they are due to the novelty factor or if future campaigns continue to have such good results.

By using iAd Campbell also tried to give the brand a fresher, younger look in the eyes of the consumers with Ms Gordon adding “I think the combination of our news (of reduced-sodium condensed soup) and the new platform was great synergy and got people to think differently about Campbell’s”


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