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Google’s “Acquisition Appetite”

google-acquisitions.gifEvery once in a while you run across a graphic that is so striking you just have to share it.

The team at Scores.Org and ByJess.Net have done some analysis and have put together a super infographic which displays Google’s acquisition appetite over the past several years.

This chart is definitely worth looking at, both for the information it contains as well as the cleverness of the design.

The chart starts all the way back in 2001, and traces some of the best known acquistions of web industry, including Android (November 2005), YouTube (October 2006), DoubleClick (April 2007), Feedburner (June 2007), and of course AdMob (November 2009).

For each company, the chart gives the date and size of the acquisition as well as indicating which Google productline the technology ended up being included into.

Scores.Org also provides analysis along two dimensions.

  • First is an indication of the main asset that was acquired – either a Market, Technology, or Talent.
  • Second is a view as to whether the acquisition was made primarily to grow Google revenues or to cut competitor revenues.

There are over 75 acquisitions shown on this chart, and it really gives a sense of the pace, the breadth, and the scale of Google’s acquisition activity.


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For more interesting infographics, check out ByJess.Net.

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