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New In-Game Advertising Formats To Increase Brand Recognition For Advertisers

tapme-logo.pngMobile ad platform Tap Me has launched new advertising formats specially designed for mobile in-game advertising.

The new formats aim to pass on brand messages to consumers in a far less intrusive way than current in-game ads.

The Tap Me in-game advertising platform was built with the gamer in mind and is designed to allow brand to integrate their messages at the right moment in order to add value to the consumers playing experience.

According to Tap Me, there are signficant problems with current approaches to in-game advertising:

Games are highly-active, participatory entertainment platforms, and existing advertising solutions were never designed to work well with this medium. Current advertising solutions are interruptive, out of context, and ineffective; they also occupy valuable screen space, are prone to accidental clicks, or inject offers that require players to shift experiences outside of the game.

Tap Me brings a game developer’s viewpoint to the world of advertising.

“One of Tap Me’s unique strengths is that we are a team of mobile game developers, which gives us an innate understanding of game design and development fundamentals. We set about to create a first-of-a-kind ad platform that takes advantage of the natural attributes of games, with the goal of maximizing the contextual opportunities for advertisers to participate in this exploding medium,” noted Joshua Hernandez, co-founder and CEO of Tap Me.

The new ad formats offered by Tap Me include:

  • The ability to sponsor a “power up”, which allows a character to increase a given characteristic. Once the consumer chooses this option a brand message is displayed on that page
  • The ability to sponsor leader boards
  • Incentives for actions and interactions with other gamers

Tap Me reports that engagement rates are much higher than the 1% response rate typically resulting from traditional banner ads. Results from testing have shown an average of 20% of players choosing sponsored power-ups and as high as 50% for certain games.


“Tap Me’s platform is the first, targeted and relevant approach to mobile media I’ve seen. It considers the developer, user and brand advertiser in a way never done before. In a nutshell, it’s nothing short of utter genius,” noted Mills™ of ustwo, a digital design and app development studio.

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