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Lessons Learnt From Greystripe’s First 100 iPad Ads

adobe_and_greystripe_partner_for_ads_that_convert_flash_to_html5.jpgMobile advertising network Greystripe has had a lot of experience running ads on the Apple iPad.

Recently they were willing to share some of the experience gained from the First 100 iPad ads, which showed a greater than average level of consumer interaction.

The first 100 campaigns covered a wide array of industry sectors such as automotive, entertainment and consumer tech companies. Greystripe found that there have been 3 consistent trends:

  • Around 20% of consumers who received the ads chose to engage with video or pictures delivered though iPad ads. Greystripe believes that this is due to the ability to provide consumers with a selection of videos and photos to choose from
  • Compared to other mobile platforms, videos are more popular than images. Greystripe believes that this is due to consumers using their iPad as an entertainment device. Brands are taking advantage of this by offering consumers rich media and video campaigns
  • The average consumer engagement time for iPad ad campaigns is 60 seconds compared to television that is focussed on 15 to 30 second formats

“We’re experiencing a growing interest in integrating touch-based interactivity with video content. We expect this to continue as the number of people using tablets skyrockets this year with the launch of the iPad 2 and a suite of Android tablets, ” said Dane Holewinski, Director of Marketing at Greystripe.

Greystripe have also found that user engage differently with tablet ads than they do on smartphone’s. This is due to the larger touch screen and its use as an entertainment device.

“The large touch screen of the iPad offers brands the opportunity to connect with their target customers with engaging and interactive advertising,” said Vikrant Gandhi, senior analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “Companies like Greystripe – with its rich media, immersive ads – are making the most of the iPad platform for advertisers.”

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