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Global Ad Market To Continue Growth, Though Recent Events Cut Spend By $2.4 Billion

chart_growth-1.gifA new Report from research from Zenith Optimedia has predicted that the global advertising market will grow by 4.2% during 2011. This is down slightly from the 4.6% growth predicted in December and is due to the recent events in the Middle East and Japan. These two events are expected to reduce global spend by $2.4 billion according to the study.

However, looking further out, Zenith Optimedia predict that the global ad spend will see a 5.8% growth in 2012. For example, during the first quarter of 2011 Japan saw a drop of 4.1% but this is expected to grow by 4.6% next year. In Egypt, this year saw a drop of 20% while they expect to see a rise of 12.1% during Q1 2012.

In terms of mix of media, online advertising – which includes mobile – will account for 15% ($71.6 Billion) of the overall global ad spend this year. This is expected to grow by 14.4% a year to reach $94.6 billion by 2013. This means it will surpass Newspaper to become the second biggest advertising medium globally by 2013.


The report also says that display advertising (including video and social media advertising) is the driving force behind growth in the sector and is expected to grow annually by 16.4% through 2013 with paid search expected to grow by 12.8% annually during the same period.


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